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June 5, 2010

My heartfelt thoughts that nobody can ever take away.

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Service later :/
To tell the truth, I’m still not very used to the tertiary style.
Shreedhee asked me whether I still prefer Youth or tertiary.
I still prefer Youth..

I remember in Youth, we’d meet up before going to service together.


I wonder if anyone here would forget to go?
And if anyone would feel so sian to go alone that he / she decided not to go anymore?
Ultimately yes, it’s about the heart and the heart desires.
But an idle mind is the devil’s playground.
How sure are we that during the train / bus journey there
that someone would not think of such evil things against God etc?
Sure there’s discernment and we are to guard our hearts but..
how about those newer believers?
How about those people who are tired of serving?

I think one thing in youth that kept me going for service was the people.

We do more than plugging our ears with music on the train.
We shared life, we connected with our visitors through actions, care and words.
Their joy in Christ was pure joy and bliss to me.
It was a sight to behold.
Though we are a noisy group ( haha ) but I think love was in the atmosphere.
And it’s not just love for the people, God was also there.
When two or more gathers, there the presence of God will be.
The love for God,
is more than incredible.

And I loved it.

Which I do plug my ears very often nowadays since well, there’s particularly no one to talk to.
Talk to God?
Put your heart in peace?
Many a times I ride that dreaded train journey in loneliness.

I can’t expect everyone to meet up, since

  1. Everyone lives in different areas
  2. There surely will be people who are late
Sure, my youth group wasn’t perfect either.
People were late too :/
In such cases,
two or three people would wait for the late person while the others went ahead first.
Cause we might be late for service, wouldn’t want that (:
I miss sitting on the stairs of the boon lay MRT station waiting for people.
It’s funny how it was such a habit that nobody bothered to hold it against anyone.
I guess it will be a hassle for the tertiary people even if we were to meet up in their areas.
But, I do miss it.

I think that’s the stronghold of our unity.

Shreedhee said last time she would want to go back to youth but now she prefers tertiary.
For me, my answer stays the same.
If I had a chance,
I’d still go back to youth.
Yes, even if I had to start anew with different people.
That’s different from living in the past people.

I’m not living in the past, I just miss it.

 After reading this, scold me if you want for holding to the past.
But that is something I will never trade for.

May 9, 2010


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We should build our church on the rock- Jesus christ.

It’s true that we should learn from Jesus to be firm in God, to be a rock.
But today on the MRT station, God dropped me this.
I was thinking about the MRT tracks.
Like why go through so much trouble to put rocks on MRT tracks anyway?
Think think think.
Rocks : Hard, mostly rough around the edges.
Uses : Weightage.
How I smiled!
It’s funny. How humorous my God can be.

I believe many people out there, their hearts are like these rocks.

Their hearts, are hardened.
Their hearts, have not been yet moulded by God.
Their hearts are full of burdens.
Unneccessary weightages.

True isn’t it?

And many a times, the MRT will jerk because of these rocks that stand directly in front of the MRT tracks.
We are like the MRT that faces these many hardened hearts – EVERYDAY!
We stumble, we jerk.
But we should never leave the track, because that is the right way!
And this will be how God treats these hardened hearts during the end times.
They will be seperated from the rest like the parable of the wheats and weeds.
The weeds will always be in our lives.
But we must remember, God will allow them to grow together.
But its the end times that will make all the difference.
There will be weeping and the gnashing of teeth.
How terrible is it for those who are there then.

But are Christians really being the light they should be today?

I don’t think so.
Not many are.
Really, how much time do we have left?
How many of you here, are still resisting?
How many more will be striked out from your book?
How many more then will be saved?

This I do not know, but what I know is that I must believe in the impossible.

Because you believed in me.
Because you put people, leaders in my life who believed in me.
You have overcomed, and the impossible came to be saved.
Who’s on the bigger side of the magnifying glass?
Lord, I want it to be you.

Because the impossible has been saved. And I am the impossible.

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