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August 5, 2010


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lol. I’ve been asking everyone to do this test.
And it’s still super accurate =X
I still finding a thinker =.=”
Guess that a lot of people around me are doers and realists.
LOL. Vannie was like its 11:11!!!
Then hahas, I made a hasty wish.
Now is enterprise (: I am bored. lol.
Ate instant noodles and my teeth is pain ):

Zeal for your house,

consumes me.


June 2, 2010

My heart says

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I’m so disturbed by many things recently.
I still can’t get an answer that I am satisfied with.
It’s not that I am obsessed with the topic of free will,
but I’m just greatly disturbed by it.

I am also greatly disturbed by the fact that my tooth decay has almost reached my nerves.

It unnerves me.
It makes me scared, I’m scared of pain.
I am scared by the fact that the not so deep decays has already hurt so much when drilled,
how about these two deep ones?
And the fact that I’m going to be awake feeling the pain doesn’t help at all.
The article that my whatever will be infected doesn’t help at all.
The thought of feeling that much pain just makes me want to surrender.
I’d wish I could just pluck it out, but then I won’t have any more bottom molars,
since I had already plucked four molars out due to my small space in my mouth.
Also, I’ve just straightened my teeth, plucking it out would be a waste of money and time.

People, don’t ever go to government to make braces, they are a total waste of time as :

  • I spent four years¬†plus ( Primary 6 – NOW) to just straighten my teeth
  • It’s a hassle to change appointments as they are going to put you to a very far schedule
  • They expect you to report there on time but NEVER do your teeth on time
  • They don’t have a sense of urgency for the more serious cases
  • If you’re in Republic polytechnic, your appointments will result in you going partial
  • The dentists there pretty much care more about finishing their job than your comfort.
This tooth thing, will really be a test of faith for me.
I’m really super disturbed by it.
Thank God I met Eilton from NS group though (:
Haha I think I don’t regret going to watch movie and hanging around with them just this monday.
Prince of Persia :)
I’m so inspired by him. Haahhaa.
Truly a man of God!
I also understand why they encourage people to marry within the church le.
Go talk to him and you will know why! xD
LOL (: I know many¬†leaders have told me that I am insecure but obviously I just didn’t care lol.

But that day he just randomly told me this after saying I’m a melachony :

But you really have to grow in your character and insecurities.
Hit the spot.
I don’t know why but it just felt so different.
Anyway, I realised the personalities is very spot on too.
I’m a sanguine – melachony.
Two opposing personalites.
Sanguine, life of the party.
But, don’t talk deep (oops.)
Melachony, thinker.
But, —————-
Haha I put that cause I forgot,
lol but will fill it in soon.

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