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June 13, 2010


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In this generation where  BGR is of the highest status.

In this world of which breakups are more than common,

patch ups are more than forgiven.

In every worldly relationship,

there is something expected in return.

In every crush, love and infatuation,

there is one desire to be admired,

loved and being important.

In every “I love you”,

there is a hidden motive,

a killer agenda.

In every “let’s break up”,

hopes of a perfect life fell,

curses land upon the desolated ground.

In every broken heart,

people see the ugliness of the truth.

Yet only God looks at it,

picks it up and says:

My child, I’m here for you.

or if you do not like that ending,

Yet only God picks it up and aks:

My child, what can I do for you?


June 2, 2010

The dreaded day.

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The visit to the dentist

I’m feeling so confused now,

I don’t know what to say.

But since I’m already writing this,

let’s do this the easy way.

Let’s start this with my insanity,

my fears, it drains.

And to top it off,

let me warn you first,

it’s full of pain.

I guess you all know I have a rather bad decay.

Not one not three but two holes in my teeth,

and to the readers out there who think I’m crazy,

it’s definitely not in my brain,

cause I am sane.

It pains me so to think that tomorrow is the day,

where I finally have to endure that dentist whom I hated that very day.

With his drill, his pick, his tiny little stick,

he’d poked and probed until he got that out with a flick.

And oh god, I can’t endure,

that very pain it gives,

as he probs and pokes that vulnerable molar teeth.

And sometimes I would wonder if it’s worth the pain,

to endure this sickening moment,

just for the sake of gain.

Oh God please just spare me the pain,

for I am weak,

unwilling and definitely full of shame.

And just let me end this with a word sorrow,

for I am now a confused fool

who has forgotten what’s real gold.

Note: You can either rap or just read this as a poem.

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