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August 20, 2010

God, we have a fad crisis :/

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Turn here turn there all about relationships -.-

Apparently, humans can praise the guy/girl they “love” more than the God they “love”.
It’s certainly amusing to see how “love” just overflows from their heart,
when they talk about their lover.
Yet when they praise God, it’s always the same few words.
I guess it’s cause we don’t love Him enough to put Him above all?
What’s the idea of having relationships and leaving God?

Are all those words that you have all spoken in the past just lies and bullshit?

Hello? Your life, not their life.
Sure go on and “prove” that it can both be a balance to the church.
It’s hard work, it’s going to be even harder when he/she starts going against it.
Anyway, seriously nobody cares about the proving.
What do you need to prove?
Look here, I’m not even going to try to go against it.

But 99% of the time, you are all going to end up regretting it.

Fact or fiction? Fact.

I tested it out by changing my Facebook status.
Indeed the response was fast and swift.
What I’m more disappointed in is that,
nobody even cares to discourage it.
So can I conclude what your said in the past was just a recitation?
Or perhaps your no longer believed in what your had said.
Are your hypocrites?
It’s funny how things can change so much in a blinking of an eye.

Was I wrong to say “God has delivered me out of suffering”?

Do your want to know the truth? He wanted to test this generation.

Please just stay strong, it will pass soon.
Perhaps it’s partly my fault that I did not share this prophecy.
Look, it has come to pass, now go.

In a land of darkness,

where has the light gone to?


May 24, 2010

Prophecies linked!

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On the train ride to Bugis yesterday,
fear struck me.

In this particular post, she writes about how close it was for the world to experience the dark ages in this period of time, 2010. This I knew as I had a similar warning regarding to this, fall away not from Him in these terrible times! As I remembered the dream prophecy I made in the previous few posts it struck fear in me as I realised how close these people who recently converted / or to be converted in the time to come were so close to not receiving Christ into their lives. Indeed, they are greatly blessed and loved by God.I am now so much so confirmed that this dark age will come soon. In my working days. How many years will that be? Not many. How close were they to eternal damnation. Unless God delays, this dark age will come in this very generation. Lord have mercy on us!

Your child has spoken.


*Disclaimer: I did not read Choo Thomas’s site before I made the dream.

On a side note God, please let my shepherd find her ez-link card. Thank God for her! :)

May 1, 2010

Nightmares about the end times.

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I had two nightmares yesterday ):
One out of godly fear another out of worldly fear.
Hahah perhaps its because I felt excited when I read in the revelation chapter 7 about he 144,000 sealed.

I thought it  was funny LOL! Cause I saw the tribe of Asher.

Then I think of Dewen HAHA!
Hahah well, my first dream I was in JSS LOL!
What am I doing there anw-.-
Well  but we were doing preparations or smthin the hall.
And why was Shreedhee there?=.=
Then I suddenly felt scared. Haahha.
Because I heard the trumpet sounded.
Then I sort of pleaded with God ba.
I pleaded with Him if I were part of the 144,000.
Take me away now! LOL! Cause I scared haha.
Hahah and I saw myself gone in  a flash of light LOL!
In time before God made His judgement.

Yea then I woke up.

At 7 am plus in the morning =.=
Then I went back to sleep.LOL!
But I think God wants to remind me today that,
we don’t have as much time as we think we have.
While the world out there is fighting for temporary love,
we’re out there fighting to bring salvation to them.
How queer is it for those who want love,
yet do not want a perfect and everlasting love.

How long people are you going to choose suffering instead of life?

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