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December 30, 2009

Random :D

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Camp is over!L4D :D LOL.
I want next camp to come soon!!! x.x
Wah my friend asking me if I want to do the job at tanjong pagar?
1 hour 5 bucks, 5% commission.
CDs CDs :D
I know what my pride and insecurity isĀ  le xP
My O level results coming out le ):
Sian. I’m sure I’m going to get terrible results x.x
I don’t wish to go back on the 13th of Jan.
I will drag hahaha :D
Super scary.I’m going to pull someone with me hahaha :D
I know where tecman is le!:D
City hall :X
I want buy books!!! x.x lol.
I super super super hope I can go into Applied Drama and Psychology.
13 points eh o.o Go university can take either drama or psychology lol.
Its okay la, I quite like drama also (:
Tmr is CG!!!!!!!!!!!! Have to see a black pig’s face again tsk.
Everybody bringing snacks lol.
Okay i very sian. Bye :P
Oh and Regina your candle smells like candy hahaha :D

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