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December 7, 2009

Realisations and victories (:

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YAYYYY :D I’m finally a harvester le!!! xD 
Yes like after so long-.-
I think QS wants to eat my money only HAHA LOL.
Thank you people who been supporting me all this while ^^
Special thanks to Yong Li and Regina bear!!! :D
Without your backing me up last time.
I might as well have backslided x.x
I got a burn while doing macdonald’s french fries o.o
Very ugly-.- Don’t freak out when you see it haha :D
But it wasn’t painful at all! Thank God! (:
I didn’t even ask Him to take away pain eh ._.
Wah^^ so caring wor hahaha.
These few days God kept reminding how perfect His plan for me is.
But you know, I was NEVER satisfied.
I kept asking for change change change, so God changed.
He changed my office gift.
But two days ago I realised that hey, this isn’t how I am to be.
This isn’t how He created me to be.
This isn’t my holy discontent.
This is NOT my PLAN!
I broke down and asked for forgiveness.
God, I told Him, I’m sorry.
I want my old office gift back.
I’m sorry I asked for change.This isn’t what I wanted.
This isn’t what you made me to be.
Please God, I’m sorry, can you please give me back my gift?
Haha yea. And it took just one person for me to realise that (:
Thank God for you Gek kim!
We were discussing about random stuffs and we touched on the backsliding topic.
One of our Life group mate has already backslided recently.
I went home, didn’t think much about it.
But God REMINDED me of it.
My holy discontent just burned.
I felt the intense pain Jesus felt for this child of His.
And at that moment, not only did I refound my purpose in life.
Not only did I realise my not long ago casted away holy discontent.
I realised I WAS WRONG.
So blinded by pride I was, I didn’t realise, I didn’t understand what it meant by perfect.
Haha I need to curb my pride again (:
Not that it increased. It didn’t, it was simply not enough for God.
It was not enough, I need to do more.
Thank God for you Yu Nian (:
Because of your simple action, your simple praise I realised what it really meant by being humble.
Still etched deeply into my mind is your act that day.
By drinking that really putrid-.- cup of bubble tea and praising it you taught me a lot more than you could if you gave me a teaching.
When passed around, everybody exclaimed it was horrid.
But you happily dranked every drop of its content.
Of course everyone of us there thought you’re crazy your taste bud got problem. haha.
But it was an act of humility o.o
Of course-.- that’s what Quan Sheng told me but I thought he was crazy also haha.
Ya, for a prideful person like me-.-
Must have self realisation LOL.
Persecution persecution.
My mum suddenly asked me how much I give to church.
I say ten percent.
Then she very unhappy-.-
Oh well, she doesn’t understand yet.
No use explaining to her now. She will just think money money money LOL.
No worries (: God got me covered hahah :D
I also realised there are many false pastors around ):
Pastors only after the comfort of life and money.
Disappointed. But it was meant to be.
So many miracles. So many obstacles.
Ever ran a race or entered a competition?
What is your eyes fixed on?
The first prize or the real prize?
I realised this when I was slacking yesterday.LOL insomnia!!!
What are my eyes really fixed on?
The mansions, houses in heaven? Or God Himself?
Well people (: Are you set to change the world?
Love people, love GOD :D
For you God, I’m going to be a POWERFUL christian! :D
ka-pow!!! xD LOL

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