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August 31, 2010

Bear’s birthday :D ♥

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 YOOHOOOOOOOO it’s my favourite bear’s birthday ^^!♥

Awww. Really really love her lots :’) She’s 20 now (HAHAHAH)
I believe this bear has made a great impact on many lives and touched many souls as well.
She lived as a great vessel and she was the one who brought me back to God! :)
YES I’m so proud of that FACT :D
Even though I never stalk this bear HAHAH,
I believe she’s an awesome salt and light to non-believers as well :)
If I’d choose five people whom I think God has changed powerfully,
Regina you’re on the top of my list! :D
I just find it amazing that a domineering bear person can be so gentle to love as well! :)
I think you really score on the gentleness factor! xD
The reason why I love her so much still stands :) STRONG!
She is a bear woman of God! Yea AMEN!
Regina if you’re reading this your affirmation does not end here HAHAHAH!
See you on Wed evening <3 ;D MUACKS

PS: REGINA DO YOU REALISE WE’VE NEVER TAKEN A PICTURE TOGETHER??? >< omgoodness. I demand we’d take load when we meet :) I MISS YOU SO MUCH~


July 21, 2010

Part 2: A smile of love.

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Ever seen an angel?
I saw one admist a crowd today.
She was beautifully stunning.
And she smiled at me.
I’ve talked to her before, I’ve got to know her.
And still, she’s so sincere, kind, caring, loving that it radiates out of her.
She goes and touches everyone’s lives.
She touched mine strongly.
Everytime I want God to prove His worth, His existence.
Everytime God knew I was on the ledge, ready to fall into Satan’s lair.
He’d sent this beautiful angel to meet me.
To pass by me.
But with that same radiating smile.
It had been long since I saw this wonderful creature.
I saw her twice this year.
She floated past me today, wearing that illuminating smile.
A smile of sincere love.
I smiled.
I forgot everything.
Everything seemed secondary.
Tears of joy.
I love this angel.


thank you.

July 2, 2010

Letter 1: PRETTY Regina bear ♥

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This is difficult, since I have never considered myself to have one before although many claimed it over the years. Thus I am going to write to my spiritual buddy :) Haha, she’s the closest to anyone can get to also understand me. Guess it ;D It’s Regina Cheah Huay Xian

Dear Best Friend / Spiritual buddy,

You are really the best ever! I remember the first time I gave myself up to God, at a seemingly ordinary university because you let God work through you :) It was the first time I really opened up to anyone and I really thank God that you are SO NICE CARING LOVING SENSITIVE QUIRKY FUNNY AWESOME PRETTY HUGGABLE GENTLE and perhaps all the good things in the world can describe you. I know you have your struggles and dificulties and I know how you must have felt. But through it all, you taught me one important lesson to NEVER GIVE UP. Because of you, I know that there’s someone up there and people around who will love me for who I am even though they may never understand me.

Even when you don’t understand me you’d hug me and say:

Aww..don’t cry now *smiles* It’s okay it’s okay.. *bright smile*

Hahas I just made you sound sadistic (: But, that smile means a lot to me! I like Regina’s pretty smile :X *blush* ahhaahaahahas xD
LOL :) When I saw you at JP that day, I was feeling very dejected and all that. I have no idea why I felt so now either cause I forgot haha. But when I saw you also my face still very gloomy haahs, my inner soul lit up.  I felt happy for a reason :) I wanted to pour everything out and cry D: but hahas ok I didn’t :X Moving further back, I remembered the time I was crying very hard. But I also forgotten why ahhas (: I posted a depressing post and you called me. Omg, that’s so amazing isn’t it :) I ca’t remembered what we talked about but I remembered you asked me what the name Acacia means. Innocence and purity, birth into new life, honourable. Talking about this, I LOVED IT WHEN YOU REPRIMAND ME :) Yea, sometimes I am stubborn and will refuse your words of wisdom. But when I reflect upon them, I grew (: I can’t thank you enough! It’s been long since I’ve shared my life with you and there’s so many things I want to update you about! And I’m going to be dying soon, hahas if you know what I mean *winks* I will love this bear forever !!! ♥


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