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August 10, 2010

Dancing to a heartbeat

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Shreedhee encouraged me to join Decor. My art sucks seriously -.-
Leanne was pretty excited when she asked me
during service what ministry I want to join and I said Decor.
Hahhas, ok I am also excited about it but yes.
ESS ): When are you coming!
LOL and I haven’t said the second one yet.
Singers. HAHAH. Omg, I should just forget about it-.-
And no uh =.= I’m not thinking of joining just because he’s inside.
I want to join singers! D:
Hahahs yea -.- as if I have the nerve to lol.
I am too much of a stage-fright person LOL.
Ate pizza (again) hahha cognitive facilitator treat.

Went to watch Aftershock with Lingling after school.

Quite a nice movie, I’d like to visit there someday to absorb its surroundings.
I want to sit down and feel its dusty ground and trace along the houses which aged with time.
Where can I find old bricks?
I’d like to play with one.
Seems like a very good place to be alone.
Recently, I want to be with people but yet feel alone at the same time.
It sort of makes me happy.
I evangelised today, I hope God is happy with me ):
I sort of was nervous.
I talked through MSN even though she’s right beside me -.-

Lingling two dogs licked me all over ): So tickle-ish.

She asked me if I have a boyfriend now.
LOL. No -.-
I show her the things lor.
Tell me, I know what I see in you but why do I have to go that extent?
Perhaps I will really be sad then.
I want to hug Vannie tomorrow (:
Our secret affair was exposed on screen today x.x (hahahaha.)

I want to go to an old railway track next shepherding.

And just be quiet there.
With a camera.
Going to watch Step up with Cheryl this Friday.
Why do I feel so much of liking to be alone these days?
I feel like the lone Acacia tree in the middle of the desert.
Why do you let earthquakes and natural disasters happen God?
Everyone is calling me a tree -.-

Do trees fall in love?


July 30, 2010

Festival of Praise 2010

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Ahhh xD I am sooo excited about the FOP later!
7.30pm-10pm. Meeting RP people to go there.
Don Moen and Planetshakers + pastor preaching.
Take no notice of me -.-
I never remember artistes names’ well anyway.

 I wonder who’s going?

Lifting my praises unto you.

July 12, 2010

Butt pains

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LOL my butt still hurts.
Okay, my tail bone I think :(
ROFL. My mum rubbed it for me again today.
And I was lazy to wear my pants so I asked her to help me wear HAHAHAHAHA.
LOLLL xD I’m 16 going 17 but oh well :B
Laziness is my specialty LOL.


YES YEAR ONES D: Except for poor SAS people :X
Let’s breakup with science after UT3!!!!!!!
Math let’s grudgingly play with it and then divorce it after year one semester 2 UT3 xD HAHA

June 15, 2010

UT results for math and Science

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A113-1 is Math 18 / 32
A101-8 is science 26 / 33

LOL. Math is really heng man. 17 is C+ so I’m B-. But still it’s B :D HAHA.

April 26, 2010

Mixed all up in a rainbow bundle.

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Today, my day started off with me being in a rush to school cause I woke up late ):
Rushed down to find myself just on time.
Climbed 6 storeys up the dreaded stairs.
Checked my grades to only find two sucky Cs.

One of a very sucky reason cause I didn’t hand up my Reflection Journal.

The stupid thing was, I did.
Internet has failed once again.
And humans still think they can be perfect and live without God.
Good gracious.
It makes me feel all sick thinking about this.
Checked my e-mail inbox to only find someone contradicting himself.
I shall regard it as he typed to only pinpoint God and didn’t use his brain in the process.
How sad, wanting to win a already defeated arguement without solid stand.

I was pissed off at one of my classmates.

With his stuck up, I’m so professional attitude.
When he isn’t.
How sad.
I kicked up a fuss when he went toilet break.
Went to find Hope peeps after school.
Complained about how the faci was so unfair.
Ate at the reel room?
Ate pizza, cold chocolate and Cheese and ham crossiant.
LOL-ed with Desmond about the pizza.
Has a short brief teaching from Desmond about the coming up science module.
Went to eat again with Yi Cong and Shreedhee.
And once again when I was talking to them,
it was very obvious that our different mind sets clashed.
Hais, I should have took more notice about it.
Sulked at God how unfair it was to have a different mindset.
” Wear nice also no right heart condition also no use wad. “
Well, it sounds perfectly fine to me-.-“
But I guess your just thought of it at another way.
But that’s okay,
I know, I’m used to it.
I’m used to the reaction, but I will try to phrase it in you people mind sets.
I know, I’m wierd.
I have clashing personalities.
Almost everything about me, is downright wierd.
It sort of makes me interesting I guess.
But people will really won’t know who I am really either.
But to me, this is God’s grace.
I am one of the living proof that : God will use the unexpected.
Surely enough, this is one thing that encourages me a lot.

Because God has used the seemingly impossible.

What less would God use you?
Being a thinker doesn’t neccesarily mean that your mind set will be like me.
No, I didn’t even realise that I had a different mindset.
Until someone told me.
Yes, so its really okay if you don’t understand me.
I don’t expect you to.
Trust me, even if you say you understand,
I know out of 100%,
you probably understand only 60%.
It does make me feel better.

But I do know when you really understand me.

Read Regina’s blog just now.
It made me feel a lot better (:
She is just so sincere,
you find it heart-warming (:
and I still LOVE her!
Thanks loads bear :D
Recently I haven’t been thinking much.
And I just know, God is going to use me soon again.
Not that He didn’t but I’m already growing out of the stumbling block He placed.
Its such an exciting feeling (:
To be back in action again.
To be able to prophesy God’s word.
To be able to intepret what God wants to say.
I can’t wait (:
And I know,
that I want to get my heart condition right!
Trying my best to stay away from sin?
Heck! No problem!
God’s with me after all!!!

Indeed, God will be with me always.

This sadded story, has turned out to be a blessing after all.
Watch out people, God has made my heart right and I’m going to be a blessing in your lives!!! :D


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