Daughter of the risen one! (:

November 5, 2010


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I’ve been rejoicing! :D

So many things coming my way, bad ones.
But I’m rejoicing =D
You have no idea how great it feels to be happy when you’re supposed to be sad/angry.
That’s called rejoicing! Not when everything’s fine and your life’s easy
but when everything starts to oppose you, when nothing is going right.
And for that, I don’t see a need to have negative feelings towards such things anymore!
And I don’t see why anyone should.
There’s really no reason/excuse to be sad over such things.
I’m a overcomer in Christ! =)
This sin has no longer a foothold in my life! :D *KICKS*
I’m rejoicing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Look at me Satan! I’m REJOICING :D *DANCES*
The best part is that, you know that G must be very proud of you for overcoming!
I will be a cheerful cheerful cheerful believer!!!!!!! *SMILESSSSSSSSSS*

September 21, 2010

What is really?

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Here’s the thing,

  • if you reject the church = you reject God’s bride = you reject God.
  • if you reject His people = you reject His children = you reject God.
  • if you reject Jesus = you reject His son = you reject God.
  • if you reject the bible = you reject His word = you reject God.
  • if you reject His promises = you reject His promises and blessings = you reject God.
  • if you reject the teachings = you reject His words = you reject God.
  • if you reject His prophets = you reject His warnings and blessings = you reject God.
  • if you reject the resurrection = you reject His salvation = you reject God.

if you lived your life not according to His ways and words, here’s the truth: You have rejected God.

1 John 4:3
2This is how you can recognize the Spirit of God: Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, 3but every spirit that does not acknowledge Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you have heard is coming and even now is already in the world.
Definition of the Antichrist.
  1. You want a Godly life.
  2. You want a blessed life.
  3. You want a life full of miracles.
  4. You want to be loved by God.
  5. You want to have a closer relationship with Him.
  6. You want to do things for His kingdom.
  7. You want to be a powerful vessel.
  8. You want to grow spiritually.
  9. You want to mature spiritually.
  10. You want to be salt and light.
  11. You want to experience God in a real dimension.
  12. You want to know / affirm that God is real.
Yet you don’t have a consistent and purposeful prayer life.
Then I tell you, none of it is achievable.
If all passageways are closed, how will He speak into your life – powerfully?
When you pray, pray to know Christ.
You know why so many atheists / disbeliever / backsliders gave up on God?
Because God wasn’t there for them, He wasn’t real?
Those are rubbish.
One of Satan’s most exploited methods of causing us to sin.
Tell you what, it’s because they all tried too hard.
Ever heard anyone said: I really tried, I really tried really hard!
God loves those who do not rest disobedient, not those who work hard!
When you pray, expect.

Working hard is important, yes.

But faith is not the sort of thing that can be acquired by trying harder.
Never try to have more faith – just get to know God better.
And because God is faithful, the better you know him, the more you’ll trust him.
Another test atheists / disbeliever / backsliders fail?
The test of time and patience.
They give up so easily.
What’s years compared to eternity?
Never give up on God, because He never gave up on you.


Hahha I think he’s cute. LOL. That’s him in Haiti.

Check out his art pieces http://www.threadless.com/profile/911946/the_Sleeping_Sky
LOL, his art is amazing (:
Judging from his art, he does mostly computer + painting + charcoal + pen drawings.
Lols and yes, his art was the one who gave me a fetish to start picking up my materials again.
He’s 17.07 years old (= HAHAHA. Which also probably means he’s a February baby (:
I know, this is totally random.

August 3, 2010

Hey there Lucifer!

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Somehow, whenever City Harvest has an event, critics will zoom in.

Not that I am a City Harvest member or anything.
But I understand it’s the biggest church in Singapore.
Strike the shepherd, scatter the sheep.

Satan, truthfully. I don’t understand you.

If you are to establish a kingdom yourself why disturb the people of God?
I mean like what’s the use of people backsliding and having them sin against God?
Doesn’t it disturb you that they were once folowing someone holy?
It’s not like you can purify people with evil right?
If there was one person I like to interview and understand.
That would be you.
Yes, opposing what others would normally want to interview.
God, celebrities and all that.
Satan I would like to have interviewed you.
Somehow I also wonder what kind of guy you think you are.
Maybe you think that you are very cool and all that? >_. hmmm.
As much as I would have liked to obey God, I’d like to step into your shoes.
In the past and now.
And I even wonder if you have emotions.

July 30, 2010

God loves His people, God loves the people.

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I just saw a video about a comedian atheist.
In my anger as I heard his rantings,
God looked on sadly.
Perhaps it’s not because they didn’t know God,
or that they couldn’t feel God.
Perhaps it’s because they couldn’t take tough love.
Tough love is hard to accept because in a world full of suffering,
they failed to see the real culprit behind all.
Humans who was by grace given free will.
Humans by corruption misused it.
Humans by bitterness turned away from God,
dumping all the blame on Him.
Tough love that came from someone whom they couldn’t see,
tough love that is sometimes harsh,
which sometimes brings out the horrible reality.
In which humans failed to see main purpose.
This is pure torture but many people around me no longer believes in God.
Some have backslided,
some refuses to acknowledge.

How many more God?

Pour down your anointing oil upon me
and grant me more wisdom to better understand your ways.
Let me be a vessel that attracts life, a vessel for people to drink from,
a vessel huge enough and ever-expanding.
I know Lord that you have more in store for me than that I could ever imagine.

This world is just plain bullshit,

yet in this same world,

God loves the people.

May 14, 2010

The “I”.

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S “I” N.
My interetation: SIN = Satan I need SIN.
The more you SIN without repenting, the more you’re telling Satan : I need it.
Changed group today. Later having UT test.
Nervous, I hope to get at least a B.

It’s during these times, that I have to choose between growth and relaxation.

April 26, 2010

Mixed all up in a rainbow bundle.

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Today, my day started off with me being in a rush to school cause I woke up late ):
Rushed down to find myself just on time.
Climbed 6 storeys up the dreaded stairs.
Checked my grades to only find two sucky Cs.

One of a very sucky reason cause I didn’t hand up my Reflection Journal.

The stupid thing was, I did.
Internet has failed once again.
And humans still think they can be perfect and live without God.
Good gracious.
It makes me feel all sick thinking about this.
Checked my e-mail inbox to only find someone contradicting himself.
I shall regard it as he typed to only pinpoint God and didn’t use his brain in the process.
How sad, wanting to win a already defeated arguement without solid stand.

I was pissed off at one of my classmates.

With his stuck up, I’m so professional attitude.
When he isn’t.
How sad.
I kicked up a fuss when he went toilet break.
Went to find Hope peeps after school.
Complained about how the faci was so unfair.
Ate at the reel room?
Ate pizza, cold chocolate and Cheese and ham crossiant.
LOL-ed with Desmond about the pizza.
Has a short brief teaching from Desmond about the coming up science module.
Went to eat again with Yi Cong and Shreedhee.
And once again when I was talking to them,
it was very obvious that our different mind sets clashed.
Hais, I should have took more notice about it.
Sulked at God how unfair it was to have a different mindset.
” Wear nice also no right heart condition also no use wad. “
Well, it sounds perfectly fine to me-.-“
But I guess your just thought of it at another way.
But that’s okay,
I know, I’m used to it.
I’m used to the reaction, but I will try to phrase it in you people mind sets.
I know, I’m wierd.
I have clashing personalities.
Almost everything about me, is downright wierd.
It sort of makes me interesting I guess.
But people will really won’t know who I am really either.
But to me, this is God’s grace.
I am one of the living proof that : God will use the unexpected.
Surely enough, this is one thing that encourages me a lot.

Because God has used the seemingly impossible.

What less would God use you?
Being a thinker doesn’t neccesarily mean that your mind set will be like me.
No, I didn’t even realise that I had a different mindset.
Until someone told me.
Yes, so its really okay if you don’t understand me.
I don’t expect you to.
Trust me, even if you say you understand,
I know out of 100%,
you probably understand only 60%.
It does make me feel better.

But I do know when you really understand me.

Read Regina’s blog just now.
It made me feel a lot better (:
She is just so sincere,
you find it heart-warming (:
and I still LOVE her!
Thanks loads bear :D
Recently I haven’t been thinking much.
And I just know, God is going to use me soon again.
Not that He didn’t but I’m already growing out of the stumbling block He placed.
Its such an exciting feeling (:
To be back in action again.
To be able to prophesy God’s word.
To be able to intepret what God wants to say.
I can’t wait (:
And I know,
that I want to get my heart condition right!
Trying my best to stay away from sin?
Heck! No problem!
God’s with me after all!!!

Indeed, God will be with me always.

This sadded story, has turned out to be a blessing after all.
Watch out people, God has made my heart right and I’m going to be a blessing in your lives!!! :D


January 19, 2010

Protected: Satanism is worth taking a look into (:

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