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June 21, 2010

Bored + tired + falling ill

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LOL. Epic. I’m bored.

And I’m falling sick ):

Flu + headache + fever I think.

I feel like crawling home to sleep now ):

Hais, I don’t want to go school tomorrow.

But I want to go school to get my daily grade. LOL.

Tomorrow is communication and I don’t feel like going.

I feel nauseous. I want to puke.



May 25, 2010

Damn it.

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Today is a slack / boring / sucks x100000000 times infinity day.

Sucks cause I just realise I have 3 more Cs.
1 for math, 1 for science, 1 for enteprise.

Damn it.

Boring cause, the results make me feel like doing nothing.
So I practically slacked through the whole of meeting one and two.
We did our presentation at the last moment during presentation 3.
I was in a better mood and since Suriah is brain dead -.-
And Umar is still confused.
And Adeline also confused.
And Daryl is quiet. Like wth.
I have no choice but to give idea. LOL.

But seriously-.-

This is the most easiest problem statement and material given ever.
This is coming from someone who read her materials for 3 min and am able to give answers.
And also someone who pratically only catched half of what the faci said.
What to do -.- Be thankful that I am a completer finisher okay.
But, seriously.
It may seem slack to your but this is the best comment that a faci can ever say ever.

Never mind. Grades, you ruined my mood.

If she doesn’t give me at least a B for this module.
She has a problem with her head.
Darn bad mood now.

I have pride so what?

Damn it God, why are you doing this to me?
I know this is the end times period but I am also drained.
I need rest. Again, yes, AGAIN!

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