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July 12, 2010

Butt pains

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LOL my butt still hurts.
Okay, my tail bone I think :(
ROFL. My mum rubbed it for me again today.
And I was lazy to wear my pants so I asked her to help me wear HAHAHAHAHA.
LOLLL xD I’m 16 going 17 but oh well :B
Laziness is my specialty LOL.


YES YEAR ONES D: Except for poor SAS people :X
Let’s breakup with science after UT3!!!!!!!
Math let’s grudgingly play with it and then divorce it after year one semester 2 UT3 xD HAHA

June 15, 2010

UT results for math and Science

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A113-1 is Math 18 / 32
A101-8 is science 26 / 33

LOL. Math is really heng man. 17 is C+ so I’m B-. But still it’s B :D HAHA.

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