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October 7, 2010

Marriage & motives

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I think. I’m never going to get married.
Lol, perhaps I’m going to look back at this post years later and laugh at the irony.
Lmao, doesn’t life suck in a way that as you get to know more people,
along the way your expectations go higher,
your future boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband starts to need some added qualities?
Well, I guess in a way it does make things clearer about who we really want.
And not just chasing around some fantasies and dreams.
Perhaps some people say it’s okay to lose some of those qualities,
if not very hard to find husband/wife hahah.
God begs to differ, He created a special being for each of us.
Sometimes, we’re just too impatient.
Even if we find our soul mate at a young age,
they haven’t mature to be that kind of person we were suppose to be with.
If you ask me, it’s a waste.
Still there are some people like my mum: don’t smoke don’t drink not abusive love you can already.
Lol, like that. I can simply just pick a random guy from the street.
My mum tells me not to go for water baptism on the 05102010.
Five days before I decide to go and die.
She tells me I won’t know where my husband next time what religion,
later water baptism then next time very troublesome.
How to tell her I die die also will marry Christian or out of the question?
Hahahs I guess this sounds rather obstinate and stupid.
Ahh well sleeps (:
My skin condition is getting real bad.
It’s so sensitive that at any point of salty contact,
which particularly means even if I sweat.
I will have bumps all over my body.
Which are itchy and not even red.
And guess when all this started? When I decided to go Sentosa =.=
Hmmm, I guess I will have to keep myself extra clean.
In a same way when our body is unclean and riddle with sins,
we carry these small packages of burdens and uncleanliness.
How dirty and sinful is your body today?
Just count the bumps on you,
I was surprised because it sort of reminded me how sinful I was,
I made me felt dirty :/
I often do the right things for the wrong purposes and motives,
this generally made my soul and heart tainted and unpure.
I’m usually driven by selfishness and I’m rather self-promoting in spirit.
I end up always stealing glory that belongs to God and others.
PEOPLE are willing to give as long as God repays THEM for their giving.
PEOPLE are willing to serve as long as people NOTICE and give ample praise.
PEOPLE are willing to sacrifice as long as they find an ADVANTAGE in the sacrifice.
PEOPLE are willing to worship as long as they find FULFILLMENT and BLESSING in the act.

Sounds familiar?

I often commit the fourth and third.
I’m really ashamed to say that sometimes I can be like the Pharisees,
I love the praises of men more than the praises of God.
You know, it’s sort of pride and recognition.
But I think I should get rid of this *frowns*
Guilty guilty guilty ):
I guess all these would have been enough to convict me for life.
Last but not least.
I compromise values which many of a times caused me to be separated from God’s presence.
Which is rather irritating cause I hate it when I can’t hear God.
Here’s the areas of growth for me:
  1. Right motive and purposes, pure untainted heart
  2. Growth in wisdom
  3. Be more serving
  4. Child-likeness faith
  5. Teachable, Ever willing to learn
  6. Stronger R/s with God.
I was hesitating to put number 6..
hahas I cannot put goals that I’m not willing to go for ^^
But yes God, more time with you speaking to me is very much appreciated.
I guess God, as we go along in life I’m not very much a spiritual baby anymore.
You’ve been feeding me solid food.
You’ve been requiring me to talk more to you than you to me.
I guess, it’s really a test of faith,
for me to believe whether I’m talking to air or if you’re still here beside me.
But God, I really like to hear your awesome voice again,
on bus rides, on MRTs.
I wonder God if we can have those awesome time spent,
you rebuking me, comforting me,  joking with me?
Those visions and prophecies were so cool.
I’d spend hours in awe of them, in awe of you.
It’s very much because of those things I find it hard to disbelieve in you.
But God please hear me, I really want that R/s back with you.
I promise I will still talk (: But please. I miss you. Really.
Enough said, I’m going to eat buffet later (=
God, come with me on this MRT ride okay? (‘: I really love you.

September 21, 2010

What is really?

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Here’s the thing,

  • if you reject the church = you reject God’s bride = you reject God.
  • if you reject His people = you reject His children = you reject God.
  • if you reject Jesus = you reject His son = you reject God.
  • if you reject the bible = you reject His word = you reject God.
  • if you reject His promises = you reject His promises and blessings = you reject God.
  • if you reject the teachings = you reject His words = you reject God.
  • if you reject His prophets = you reject His warnings and blessings = you reject God.
  • if you reject the resurrection = you reject His salvation = you reject God.

if you lived your life not according to His ways and words, here’s the truth: You have rejected God.

1 John 4:3
2This is how you can recognize the Spirit of God: Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, 3but every spirit that does not acknowledge Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you have heard is coming and even now is already in the world.
Definition of the Antichrist.
  1. You want a Godly life.
  2. You want a blessed life.
  3. You want a life full of miracles.
  4. You want to be loved by God.
  5. You want to have a closer relationship with Him.
  6. You want to do things for His kingdom.
  7. You want to be a powerful vessel.
  8. You want to grow spiritually.
  9. You want to mature spiritually.
  10. You want to be salt and light.
  11. You want to experience God in a real dimension.
  12. You want to know / affirm that God is real.
Yet you don’t have a consistent and purposeful prayer life.
Then I tell you, none of it is achievable.
If all passageways are closed, how will He speak into your life – powerfully?
When you pray, pray to know Christ.
You know why so many atheists / disbeliever / backsliders gave up on God?
Because God wasn’t there for them, He wasn’t real?
Those are rubbish.
One of Satan’s most exploited methods of causing us to sin.
Tell you what, it’s because they all tried too hard.
Ever heard anyone said: I really tried, I really tried really hard!
God loves those who do not rest disobedient, not those who work hard!
When you pray, expect.

Working hard is important, yes.

But faith is not the sort of thing that can be acquired by trying harder.
Never try to have more faith – just get to know God better.
And because God is faithful, the better you know him, the more you’ll trust him.
Another test atheists / disbeliever / backsliders fail?
The test of time and patience.
They give up so easily.
What’s years compared to eternity?
Never give up on God, because He never gave up on you.


Hahha I think he’s cute. LOL. That’s him in Haiti.

Check out his art pieces http://www.threadless.com/profile/911946/the_Sleeping_Sky
LOL, his art is amazing (:
Judging from his art, he does mostly computer + painting + charcoal + pen drawings.
Lols and yes, his art was the one who gave me a fetish to start picking up my materials again.
He’s 17.07 years old (= HAHAHA. Which also probably means he’s a February baby (:
I know, this is totally random.

September 5, 2010


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3 different stories, 3 different emotions.

1) Yesterday, God told me:

Seek first my Kingdom and all will be given and added to you.

He showed me a glass heart, inside it was a castle. This represented the Kingdom of God. It’s just like the story of the small, large and medium rocks. We should always put the large rocks in before putting the medium and small rocks, if not all rocks will not be able to fit in.


The Kingdom of God is like the largest rock. If we are to experience the glory and promises of God to its fullest, we have to put the castle in first, into our hearts. In the middle of our lives. Then followed by all the other things. If we are to put other things first, it is impossible to fit in the castle. Because it’s so big, and many a times when Christians cry out to God that He is not as into their lives as God wants them to be, are they willing to sacrifice other priorities for the biggest priority? Are they willing to put the Kingdom of God first? Are they willing to take a leap of faith and make the sacrifice?

Many a times God has told us again and again, that He will add to the faithful and obedient, God will definitely not shortchange you. He will definitely reward you hundredfold, thousandfold of what you had sacrificed. And many a times it just comes to us as hey, if I didn’t sacrifice what was good in those days how could I have had the best? Vice versa if you did not put God first in your life.

God cannot fully work in us without our permission because of free will, if you do not allow God to be in the centre of your life, how can your life be of a powerful vessel? 

2) Thanks WeiLoong for being so kind as to walk me back to a place where I can recognise. I have no doubts that your future prospective wife/girlfriend or current heart throb LOL will find you to be of a haha well I don’t know. But I guess you’re one of the better guys I’ve ever seen. Zzz, that’s a compliment HAHA. Well, I keep saying: What the. LOL influenced by Shreedhee. I really thank God that I’m currently a CD instead of the past me being a DC. If not, I would have clashed head-on with Yicong HAHA. And I’m sure we’ll be of a match (Or I’d probably be able to win either way and piss her off in the process) so neither will win which will result in conflicts, WWIII. But now, I would just be of a slacker when she domineers. Which is a good thing I guess. Yicong rarely backs down when she domineers. Zzz haha ok just like me. LOL. Except that I’m so prideful that I will consider who the person is before I consider stepping back (: Another of a good thing is that I don’t really mind her doing it, as she never oversteps the line or makes me feel threatened haha. Which I guess, is lucky. Or, we’ll be just the next generation of enemies lol. Yea, God’s plan is great! Thank God, I don’t like conflicts. I just can’t help it when I feel threatened haha. I’m like a forever PMS-ing kid ): Leanne’s sick btw, she’s having chicken pox. Aww, I’m immune to it already ahha. I remember getting mine in K2. Itchy ): Ah well, I guess it’s better for her to have it now than to have it nearer to her wedding. That will be kind of a sad thing. The myth of a cross is a book that a Muslim wrote to expose the supposedly “flaws” of the bible. Haha aww, I think some of the questions are really just pinpointing and some are really well, use brain can answer le but Zzz, I’m able to answer them. Kana tricked by the title -.- I thought it was a Christian book. Never mind, it will get my brain working anyway.

3) Few days back, I have had a bad experience with a particular person. My conscience is clear, I did nothing wrong to incur your wrath. You may love them a lot as you claim but if something as silly as a bad memory of remembering your favourite stars names is to destroy a friendship, I don’t think you’re a good friend to me. Seriously. That’s just a stupid, naive excuse. I did not attack your group although I do not have a preference for Korean star or stars for that matter. Really, don’t you think I have better things to do and worry about? Do you think I did it on purpose? If I did, may God punish me for my judgmental heart. But I didn’t, I go through as much as loving you as a friend thus didn’t comment anything on your favourite stars group although seriously speaking, its idolism. Oh what do you care about it anyway, to you I’m just stupid not to like Korean idols. And you should know I not only mix up their names I mix up other people’s names too, is it my fault that I’ve been born this way? I even mix up my name sometimes, is mercy not to be shown on me? Did you really had to go that far as to insult me with vulgarities? It hurt me, it really did. And I thought friends would be more important that idols. But I was wrong wasn’t I? This is an unmerciful world. Was Jesus ever wrong to say that? Sometimes, people think christian doctrines are plain crap and full of shit. I would like to say it just holds the truths and is reflective of who humans really are today. People just don’t like being exposed of their flaws.

September 2, 2010

Take my cup from me!

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Zzz slept in library just now. Like finally.

Borrowed 6 spiritual books + 1 manga drawing.
Hahah, it’s time to improve! Both in my skills and my spiritual life.
I got to give my best for God! :)

Namely: SIN, a handbook for effective youth ministry, God’s bold call to women, the myth of the cross, battle cry for a generation and the passionate church.

I cannot wait to start on all of them (: Especially the passionate church, part of it talks about unchurched Christians. Yes! :) (Y)

God am I really that wierd and hard to understand?

Why does everybody think that I say chim (complicated) things sometimes that they cannot understand? Did I not simplify it to my best why does it still sound so foreign to them? Hais, why uh God why I go everywhere will have that one or two guy like to kajiao me so much. I a lot of things to poke about huh, just make sure your don’t push the wrong button, or taste my flare of well ahem. Terror. I make sure you won’t dare to speak to me lol, ok actually that occurs naturally, I don’t even need to try. Zzz, I think it’s cause of my reaction wise uh? LOL.

Zzz, I’m damn fed up with RP.
Ever since I’ve sent that email last Friday they haven’t got back to me.
How efficient. Truly God, if this is a test of time I’m anxious.
I really am.
I cannot stand the thought of facing my fears and getting heart attacks.
Take my cup from me God, if you’re willing.
Let not my will but yours be done.
Just let me transfer out of the SHL hell hole ): >< FALLING BACKWARDS! ARGHH.
Watch me die people, just watch me get into the mental hospital.

I’m very troubled by zWest in Youth, 

Zzz no that’s not the reason why I borrowed the handbook for effective youth ministry.
God, it’s definetly harder to look on as they struggle against themselves,
than to be in this struggle with them.
I can’t do anything physically.
Gek Kim asked me if it was possible to revert back to the days
where they were spiritually strong as a family.
BT said no.
I tell you the truth, God says yes.
But what I want to ask you people is that: Are you willing to make the sacrifice?

Are you willing to have that same heart and passion for God, giving Him your time and investing in His kingdom?

Or are crushes, school work, work, social influences, money more of a matter to you.
These things may still be important but what are you’re doing this for?
For God or your selfish desires?
For His kingdom or your own gain?
Foolish are you who turns away from the Word which gives everlasting light and life,
do you not see that many are now blinded?
Perhaps you have forgotten this, but HEAR THIS.
SERVE YOURSELF OR GOD. Your choice, your life.
Forfeit the world and you will gain His kingdom,
by adhering to the pleasures of sins what more of a people pleaser are you!

God you know how I feel, you know how I break for them.

What good is a grieving man,

am I not a vessel waiting?

August 3, 2010

Hey there Lucifer!

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Somehow, whenever City Harvest has an event, critics will zoom in.

Not that I am a City Harvest member or anything.
But I understand it’s the biggest church in Singapore.
Strike the shepherd, scatter the sheep.

Satan, truthfully. I don’t understand you.

If you are to establish a kingdom yourself why disturb the people of God?
I mean like what’s the use of people backsliding and having them sin against God?
Doesn’t it disturb you that they were once folowing someone holy?
It’s not like you can purify people with evil right?
If there was one person I like to interview and understand.
That would be you.
Yes, opposing what others would normally want to interview.
God, celebrities and all that.
Satan I would like to have interviewed you.
Somehow I also wonder what kind of guy you think you are.
Maybe you think that you are very cool and all that? >_. hmmm.
As much as I would have liked to obey God, I’d like to step into your shoes.
In the past and now.
And I even wonder if you have emotions.

July 30, 2010

God loves His people, God loves the people.

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I just saw a video about a comedian atheist.
In my anger as I heard his rantings,
God looked on sadly.
Perhaps it’s not because they didn’t know God,
or that they couldn’t feel God.
Perhaps it’s because they couldn’t take tough love.
Tough love is hard to accept because in a world full of suffering,
they failed to see the real culprit behind all.
Humans who was by grace given free will.
Humans by corruption misused it.
Humans by bitterness turned away from God,
dumping all the blame on Him.
Tough love that came from someone whom they couldn’t see,
tough love that is sometimes harsh,
which sometimes brings out the horrible reality.
In which humans failed to see main purpose.
This is pure torture but many people around me no longer believes in God.
Some have backslided,
some refuses to acknowledge.

How many more God?

Pour down your anointing oil upon me
and grant me more wisdom to better understand your ways.
Let me be a vessel that attracts life, a vessel for people to drink from,
a vessel huge enough and ever-expanding.
I know Lord that you have more in store for me than that I could ever imagine.

This world is just plain bullshit,

yet in this same world,

God loves the people.

July 28, 2010


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I’ve been thinking about the topic compromising.
Humans tend to compromise a lot.
Sure, it brings humanity out in a nation but it allows loopholes.
This is very evident in the law.
Even criminals have a way of getting out easy.
Sure then complaints come flying that this person should be locked in etc.

And it brings me back to why discernment is so important in our lives.

Also that humans are judgmental creatures
whose’s definition of black and white has a grey in between.
And sadly to say it’s because of human’s way of compromising things
that they compromise values in life.
The ones that they should never compromise,
because it is not right in the eyes of God.
People have often thought and said that the bible’s outdated and irrelevant in some parts,
but hey have you ever gone to reflect why?

I have thought about it, I have come to a conclusion it’s because humans are unwilling.

They are unwilling to do things that require more than what they expect to give,
they compromise and when it comes to a point where they can’t compromise,
they complain.
They complain that something is irrelevant,
it’s outdated
they want change.
One example will be the bible.
The truth is the bible is like a book that has values, teachings that goes beyond generations.
So no, it can never be outdated.

Another thing about the law.

Although the bible did not say that we are not to jaywalk and all that,
it does not necessarily mean if we do it it’s ok.
One question: Do you think it is right in the eyes of the Lord?
Heck the eyes of the law, think what’s eternal.
Like sin, once we compromise,
we start compromising everything.

Don’t use your non-believer friends as an excuse either.

If it’s to fit into them, compromise with them, because it’s not part of their value etc
and your reason is so that you can bring them to come church,
think of the consequences first.
Don’t land yourself in future situations that you can’t get out of.
Or maybe if they think I am too rigid they won’t want to come church.
And seriously, that’s a lame excuse.
Are you telling me that you are compromising godly standards
so that you can be on par with the world?
What good is a covered light?

The godly attracts the ungodly!

It is there where you can bring salvation into their lives!
How are you different from the world if your values are that of the world!
People come to church mainly because they see the change and not the cool-ness in it.

John 10:10

The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

Away from me Satan! I will not let my joy be rid of. You shall not steal my joy of the Lord away from me, neither will you kill nor destroy it. Away from me! I will stand firm in the name of the Lord, my life secured in His hands. Amen.


May 26, 2010

Humble life of Moses

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Humility and a deep respect for God were a large reason for this honor given to Moses.(Isaiah 57: 15 ; 66:2)

Point 1: Moses made mistakes(Numbers 20: 1-12)
12 But the LORD said to Moses and Aaron, “Because you did not trust in me enough to honor me as holy in the sight of the Israelites, you will not bring this community into the land I give them.”
 7 The LORD said to Moses, 8 “Take the staff, and you and your brother Aaron gather the assembly together. Speak to that rock before their eyes and it will pour out its water. You will bring water out of the rock for the community so they and their livestock can drink.” 9 So Moses took the staff from the LORD’s presence, just as he commanded him. 10 He and Aaron gathered the assembly together in front of the rock and Moses said to them, “Listen, you rebels, must we bring you water out of this rock?” 11 Then Moses raised his arm and struck the rock twice with his staff. Water gushed out, and the community and their livestock drank.
God did not tell Moses to strike the rock as He commanded Moses to during the first time when Moses asked for water from God to give to the community.
By striking the rock, Moses showed his insecurity in God.
He doubted that water would not gush out from the rock as it did the first time when he striked it.
God did it to test Moses but apparently, he failed the test.

What we can actually learned from this mistakes of Moses is very clear and simple :

Trust the Lord for when He says He will bless you, He will. 

Point 2: became discouraged( Exodus 17:4)
 4 Then Moses cried out to the LORD, “What am I to do with these people? They are almost ready to stone me.”
When the crowd went against Moses because of lack of food and water,
Moses became afraid of these people instead of knowing who was in control.
He was deeply discouraged when the crowd kept complaining against him and that God was doing “nothing”.
But in fact, God was already doing something!
That is testing the Israelities and Moses himself.
Point 3: Sometimes doubted his calling and even limited God
(Numbers 11:1-1o; 21-23)
Moses doubted Lord as he couldnt take the burden that God had gave to him.
God will never give you a burden that He knows you can’t handle.
Although it seems hard,
many a times it is because we failed to see who truly is in control.
In numbers 1-10, Moses started to complain that he did not deserved all these trouble
when it was the community who were actually complaining.
Byt complaining against God, the community sinned.
Moses even said to Lord “if this is how you are going to treat me, put me to death right now”.
21 But Moses said, “Here I am among six hundred thousand men on foot, and you say, ‘I will give them meat to eat for a whole month!’ 22 Would they have enough if flocks and herds were slaughtered for them? Would they have enough if all the fish in the sea were caught for them?”
 23 The LORD answered Moses, “Is the LORD’s arm too short? You will now see whether or not what I say will come true for you.”
In this passage, it showed that Moses actually doubted God that He was ” not able to provide”.
God is a God who provides,
He has made all things on earth from man to creatures how can He not be able to provide?
Again, Moses sinned against God by doubting Him.
This sort of “limited” God as Moses perceived God to be smaller and less powerful than He actually is.

By God’s grace, Moses became a humble person.

Like Moses, we make mistakes in our lives. But God is also a God who forgives.
The bible exists for a reason:
-to know what God’s commandments and words to us are
-to learn from the bible character’s past mistakes
-to learn the good they did to glorify God etc.etc. etc.

Got this from one of my youth people :) Haha the points only actually. The rest is elaborated by me (:

May 19, 2010


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Kinder surprise, you’ve got me thinking again.
Hais, no matter how much I try to escape from the fact, I can’t.
I am going back to researching again.

And I totally agree with what you said.

Although those did pass my mind for moments but I never really went into it, I wanted out.
Thanks for helping me out with what’s precious in my life anyway.
I guess it’s perhaps achievements?
Hais, I’m seriously a nAch person =.=
What’s more laughable is that I was termed something that I didn’t know what it was at first.
A Christian apologist, a minor one.
It’s something I’m not that proud of either.
I’ve considered long and hard whether I should private this, put a password for it or public it.
Because it will be quite stumbling for others, really.

But here it is, I’ve decided to public it.

Some people say that they want the crown of life and that is the most precious thing for them.
Actually, this one is really super obvious le.
Even the bible has said before if what we are seeking after is not God,
even our crown of lives will be taken from us.
 When you focus on the crown and just do it because of rewards, you give up your seat for a reward unseen, you give up your life to save someone for a reward unseen.
  • Have you ever asked God to do things like if I do this, God you give me something in return?
It’s not the same as doing it for God, It’s doing it for self-fulfilment.
And you realize there a whole bunch of people who don’t see that. 
An individual makes a huge difference.
And because certain Christian organizations are making a big fool of themselves,
 people start to think they have rights to comment on the whole mass and core teachings.
One day this gets the whole congregation killed
And Christians will be the reason why they are hated and persecuted.
Yes, themselves.

Sad, but true.

God was never really the centre of anyone’s life.
In fact, nobody is anywhere near there.
If he was at the centre someone would have made a huge difference somewhere at least.
You can safely say there’s no absolute, people fail.
Humans are imperfect they sin.
They fall short of the perfect standard of God.
Yes even Father Abraham sinned.
He is not perfect and that means he has already not reached the perfect mark.
That’s human nature.
One fail = one degree away = not in the centre
What are the odds?

Sounds very much like an anti-Christ talking uh?

But if you really think about it, it’s true.
But what’s not true about not being able to go heaven is that:
– Jesus has died for us, so our sins, will ultimately be forgiven.
We may not be perfect, but we have already had a perfect sacrifice who died for us.

But this doesn’t mean not doing God’s work.

Because God will ask you this one question when you get up there:
What have you done and why have you done what you done?

I’m walking the same path as you. But, I choose to walk on the sidewalk instead of the pavement.

May 17, 2010


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 Yes, that’s right.
Click on the picture and it will tell you what you are.
Christians nowadays,
what are they doing?
Seriously, why do you think it’s all bullshit to all those non-believers, backsliders out there?
It’s because what they saw was God there in the bible.

But through christians?

Hah! Fat hope.
What they see are nothing different from the rest of the world.
I’m not a perfect child of God either.
I make my mistakes.
But how many actually learn from their mistakes?
Why is it that I feel so strongly against those supposedly “smaller sins”?


They saw what they see in you!
Lies, filth and mass destruction of the tongue.
Vulguarites hurled across the rooms as though if it was pleasing to God.
Lust, pride and ungodliness.
You think they saw it through the bible?
I tell you, even before many of them actually read the bible.
They saw your “God” you were worshipping.
A god of hope, love peace, joy etc?
Is that what they see?

NO. Because that is not what I see either!

And it stumbles me.
And I realise what those anti christs were talking about.
It’s not because they didn’t want to see what christians wanted to show them.
They see, but they are so blinded by all those bondages you encased them in.
They are encased by false testimonies.
They are encased into believing that that, is the christian god.
When it isn’t.

Sure, God isn’t going to blame you.

What is the name Christian to you?
A name?
Something cool that you can get involved in?
So that you can have an extra name?
So that you can act holy in service and be the devil in the rest?
A ” christ” -ian.

Not a christian.

They have different pronouncinations.
And meanings.
And way of life.

To tell you the truth people,

this is why not all christians will eventually be saved.

Because,they too are lost.

If the blind leads the blind.

Both will fall into the pit of death.

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