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June 22, 2010

Happy 1st Anniversary! :D

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Yay :) Today’s my 1st year as a Christian HAHAH.
Awww Going run with kayaking peeps tomorrow.LOL
I am sick but D: Let’s just torture myself for a bit HEEE :D
Yay :) Thanks Cheryl for wishing me happy birthday :D HAHA
I’m soon going to be going kindergarden ROFL.
Kwan gave me a priceless photo. An epic one HAHAHAH!


YAYYY :D Heys, readers, people, friends out there.
Do keep me in prayer alrights?

I want to pray that :

  1. I fulfill God’s calling for me
  2. God uses me as a vessel more to not only lead but also to serve others
  3. I will be a shepherd by my physical birthday :D
Yayyy :D Happy birthday to me~ hehheh
Yum yum :D I want to EAT! xD
1132 visits to my blog in total ahhaha :D

January 26, 2010

About God, my glorious Father in heaven.

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I have realised that,

God is a root,  a spiritual seed.

Once its rooted inside you no matter how deep,

its impossible to dig it up , ignore it or pull it up.

It will only reach deeper and deeper into your soul,

gripping firmly onto your heart,

swishing its way into your life undeniably.

To say “I’ve backslided” its an easy thing to say,

to backslide is an easy thing to do,

but to live without God is an impossible thing to do.

To get away from spiritual, blibical people in your life,

I’ve realised. Its impossible.

Because He will secretly place these people in your life,

to constantly bless you,

to love you,

to help you.

No matter you like it a not,

no matter you know it a not,

only time will reveal.

What’s against His plan He will stop,

whoever is with it,

He blesses.

Once His child always His child.

This is one final thing I’ve learnt about God ;

Its that He loves you.

November 25, 2009

Jump jump jump HIGHER~!

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Woah! o.o
Have been forced by my EVIL mum to jump 5 min on the trampoline!!!-.-
LOL its supposed to make me taller?
Feel so tired.
But I gained 7 kg anyway so its time to lose fats haha.
Isn’t our spiritual life just like that?
God makes us “jump” on the trampoline every moment of our life.
To stretch us, mold us and lose those sickening sins o.o
When we jump, our body gets stretched.
It stretches our capability to deal with things in our life.
Satan in particular.
We lose fats, spiritual fats.Sins.
We learn how to get away from these sins.
We get moulded into a new individual.
And then here comes the quiet time :D
We reflect. We grow.
Okay, so random haha :D
Bye peeps!JY! Word for life and camp is COMING!!!
Jesus, give me courage give me strength.Overflow my cup!!!!!
I need to get a grip on my spiritual life!!!x.x
Everything comes with a price and an expiry date.
Only god’s love is FREE and ever fresh.

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