Daughter of the risen one! (:

June 22, 2010


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LOL :) This is FTW.


June 3, 2010


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Back from the dentist,
really have to thank God for being God.
I don’t know whatever miracle He did.
Either He made that decay less deep or He simply took the pain away.
Because it really didn’t hurt as much.
Which in simple fact,
is a miracle.
Well at first there were few tingling of pain,
cause I obviously didn’t trust He take the pain away (haha).

But I slowly relaxed and allowed Him to work.

And poof (: Even when the drill touched the deepest part,
no pain xD
Haa, so which guy said no pain no gain?
I no pain but I got gain ahhahahaha =D
Alrightes, have to take more notice of my teeth le.
It’s really funny how I’m scared of this kind of pain =.=”
Hmm, but the total costed $51.
Kind of cheap actually.
Cause I was expecting up to hundreds LOL.

Went RP to return book.

Sian, I’m one day late.
Brought Large subway and headed home.
I guess I will start give 5 thanksgiving to God everyday.
In the hope of becoming more joyful LOL.

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