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May 16, 2010

The hectic Friday and the drowsy Saturday.

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Back from kayaking camp (:
It was an awesome period of time for me :D
 Although I did go late for the camp ._.
I did get to interact with the people there =D

Desmond thanks for being such a great listening ear (:

I manged to kayak in a straight line le xD
And have better water confidence (:
Thanks to the girl who helped me.
Though I don’t know your name ._.
But I am glad you were the one who was guiding me although you are super strict mans-.-
Ooh you’re so pretty too :D HAHAHA!

Went late for prayermeet ): sorry Shareen.

I won’t say whose fault it is.
It’s everyone’s fault after all.
Hmmm I never realised how much of a closed book I am until yesterday ._.
I guess perhaps maybe I am like a dusty old book? =X
But with every flip of the pages it engages people?
HAHAH! I duno la LOL.
Two of the leaders are going off I think =X
During yesterday’s service I was nodding off LOL.
Been long since I done that.

Guess I was really tired ._.

Hahah after all I did sleep one hour plus only =.=
LOL! Everybody got drawn on the leg LOL.
How come I don’t have LOL! xD HAHAHAHA.
Wooo (: But I felt refreshed.
I love camps. HAHHA
I can’t capsize myself yet ._.
But never mind xD

May 13, 2010

Heart in pieces.

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Heart in construction

Fixed, patched. Only to be smashed again.
What’s the point?
Yet I cannot pull away.
How sad.

I’m tired. Give me a break.

All those demands from every single person.
I can’t do everything.
Please, don’t give me that again.
I don’t want to do it anymore.
In fact, I suddenly just want to be nobody.
Because “nobody” is far more relaxed.
My worldly influential / compliant self. Not my spiritual domineering self.
And I will tell you again.
I’m tired of trying because I never liked failing.
In fact, I never failed at leading so many times before.

It sucks.

It condemns me.
I hate myself, you know that?
I hate failing. So, bye.
I don’t want to do it anymore.

You!You with worldly authority.

Whatever I want to do is my business.
Didn’t give you respect?
I rushed down from school EARLY  to just go there for a few min.
Is that not respect to you already?
Trying to scare me with your size and “I am so high up the ranks” attitude?
Throw me in girls’ home for all I care.
You very big?
Your head is your supervisor.
Not mine.
I take orders only from God and His leaders.
Not you, not your supervisor.
You wasted my time and breath.
Good riddance.

I barely recovered from your test.

You know me God.
I do have my limitations.
I know you’re developing me.
You know I can take all this and learn from it.
But lord, I beg of you.
I’m tired!



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