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November 25, 2009

Jump jump jump HIGHER~!

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Woah! o.o
Have been forced by my EVIL mum to jump 5 min on the trampoline!!!-.-
LOL its supposed to make me taller?
Feel so tired.
But I gained 7 kg anyway so its time to lose fats haha.
Isn’t our spiritual life just like that?
God makes us “jump” on the trampoline every moment of our life.
To stretch us, mold us and lose those sickening sins o.o
When we jump, our body gets stretched.
It stretches our capability to deal with things in our life.
Satan in particular.
We lose fats, spiritual fats.Sins.
We learn how to get away from these sins.
We get moulded into a new individual.
And then here comes the quiet time :D
We reflect. We grow.
Okay, so random haha :D
Bye peeps!JY! Word for life and camp is COMING!!!
Jesus, give me courage give me strength.Overflow my cup!!!!!
I need to get a grip on my spiritual life!!!x.x
Everything comes with a price and an expiry date.
Only god’s love is FREE and ever fresh.

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