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September 22, 2010

Kayaking IG outing !!!

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YAY :) Today went Sentosa with Matthew, Kai Yi and YeShen.

Sucks pretty much that only the four of us turned up.
But, it’s was really fun. SO BOOOYAH to you people :/
We brought chips, volleyball, frisbee, 4 large drinks and KaiYi’s Lightyear buzz bubble at GIANT :P
I think that’s the name :/
All together just nice $35.
We were supposed to meet at 9am but Matt as usual and as I predicted, was late ahhaha.
He arrived at 9.58am. Know why he woke up? =.=
Cause I called him at 8.52am. LOL or he’d never wake up >:(
Ye Shen is the ultimate winner =.= He slept through our 35 calls.
Guess the lucky number for the day is 35? =) He arrived somewhere around 1 pm.

Planned to go wavehouse but

  1. We were forever too engrossed to play swim to the object.
  2. Build human sandcastles.
  3. Building a fortress.
  4. Volleyball which I DISLIKED >:( I like playing on flat smooth grounds -.- Not tilted sandy places HAHAHAH.
  5. Commenting that only bored people suntan —> YeShen.
  6. Trying to swim to the island which in all 4 tries both KaiYi and me had no energy to do so LOL.
  7. Feeding birds and scaring them away from our food.
  8. The rain.
Who knew that the beach could be so fun lmao.
LOL not to mention I feel so paisei and failed that only four people turn up =.=
Lmao, a lot of excuses la, but glad that bonding = success!
Kai Yi and I saw a fish swimming SO CLOSE TO THE SHORE.
YeShen hit my head with the volleyball >< Accidentally haha.
We were tortured by Matthew using the seawater LOL.
Oh and it’s a full moon tonight. But I don’t pretty much care about Lantern festival anymore.
Went Carl’s Junior to eat after all the ordeal.

My neck is red like a lobster >:( Literally.

Lmao, I have yet another mission just after finishing the last one today.
I don’t know what to feel T-T
I like Matt’s underwater camera, it costs $699 hahas. Saw the price tag in the camera shop (:
So itchy, why sunburn = pain? I think is itchy ):
Anyway, KaiYi is the winner! Cause he guess sunburn lol.
Yeshen says it’s rashes =.= WRONG!
Well it’s according to my mum anyway hahah.
We walked around Vivo popping into clothes stores and watches stores as well as camera stores.
Today Kaiyi and I are known as “kids” by Matthew and Yeshen lol.
Why am I not surprised.

Can’t wait for them to upload pictures (:


September 20, 2010

Hmmm, thinking.

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I’ve been thinking about hitch hiking. And the hitch hike I had few months back.
And, I think G, has been good to me.
All my needs have been taken care of, why do I always always always worry.
God is a God of resources, I need to take that childlike faith and step forth.

You know, if I should have a relationship with someone, I want one who doesn’t cloud my life with God, but strengthens it and gives it new meaning to God’s love. Their words should be full of hope and wisdom. Full of fight and God. Full of purity and passion.

With new heights comes new testings, let my passion burn.
I want to be a millionaire so freaking bad~ lol.
I’m having a fetish to paint.
Let’s do that on Wednesday, tomorrow’s going to Sentosa with unit.
And Wednesday is going Sentosa again, with Kayaking people.
Wonder if I should wave in the wavehouse?
Ok wait then I can’t paint on Wednesday.
I plan to discontinue kayaking soon due to health problems.
And please Cynthia, WAKE UP to go to RP for your password! )=
And yes Shreedhee -.- I need to hold on to my promise to stop lusting.
Hais I have a question, burning. And I can’t find an answer to it or even solve it.

Think. Think. Think.

Faith. Passion. Love.
We musn’t do it anymore for at the point of discovering something new that excites us.
Hmm, I guess, we shouldn’t yearn to go back to the passion we had when we first received.
That’s passion from excitment.
It dies down, usually over a period of time.
I guess that our passion should come from the love we have for God.
As our faith grows stronger so should our love and passion.
Hmm, it makes sense doesn’t it?
Because this kind of passionate love, never dies.

May 19, 2010

Wavehouse pictures (selective)

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Hahha this is the surfing at wavehouse pictures (: ME! HAHAHA.

Yea I guess it’s this pic where I’m hopping LOL.

Hahha he’s like pro man =D HAHAHA.

But the truth is – He’s falling LOL.

This, is hilarious. How I laughed. LOL!

May 2, 2010


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HAAHA! Wave house is sooo FUN!!! LOL xD
Wow, RP ppl are really talented in especially sports!
Hahahah seems like we have a lot of natural people here xD
our slot was 2-3.
Hahah me ah? My best record was estimated 15 seconds ++ on the board?
Hahhaha and so funny! LOL.
Cause for my last try, they actually told me I was hopping on the board! LOL!
Eh, my newly created technique, Surf Hopping HAHAHAHAH.
Like my leg is super stiff de I also duno why then I cannot go up xD

SO I keep pushing LOL.

Then it made it seem like the front of the board was moving up and down and my butt was swaying left to right! HAHAH. Then they say I hopping-.-
Then don’t know who go tell Shareen I’m good. HAHAHHAHAHA.
LOL. Yea :D FUNNY! Just imagine me on the board surf left surf right surf up surf down then FALL HAHAH.
Oh and RP ppl all very ON!
Ppl first try do the lie on the board,
we skip tutorial immediately go to standing on board HAHAH.
Might seemed act hiong but its fun LOL.
And the lie on the board is useless anw=.=

I’m a different colour now.

SO sad my visitors weren’t able to come.
It was super fun lor (:
HAHAHA. I wait for them to up load the pic first LOL!
Hahaha And because we won the surfing competition all thanks to Desmond LOL.
We got $100 voucher for some cafe :D
Its better than the tug of war get 3 mega packet of magi mee la-.-
WOOO! :)

And God rocks!

Because I’m so glad I suddenly tell my father it was $15 instead of $12.
LUCKY! Because entrance to sentosa is $3!
 Oh actually we also gained.
Because got some chio girls from Heineken beer help us took polariod photos!
ANd for those who don’t know, polariod camra films are super ex!
Hahhaa I took two, one with my shepherd and another with an unknown grp LOL.
Hahah the rest the others take luh.
Ahh yes fun (:
It was a laugh. I enjoyed myself like never before.
This is the first time I actually be myself completely and had that much fun! Its like wow! ;)

I LOVE wave house!

Hahhaha its okay for those who missed this because after UT1 we’ll be hving another. 
Just for RP PPL! :D
On a wed ;D Cause 1 for 1.  $30.
Hahhaha ya no free drinks this time sorry, but its really fun (:
More fun that you know how to play so come because we can give you tips! HAHAH.
I’m also going to bring my youth people there during their holidays! :D
HAHAHAH Must share the joy! xD

On a side note, my arm is a bit swollen now and my butt hurts.

Because I fell carelessly LOL. Face down=.=
 Ummm and I don’t see why the neck will have any injury since I was looking down HAHAHA.

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