Daughter of the risen one! (:

October 4, 2010

Lover ♥ (:

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Somehow, we remember God’s promises and warnings,
but often we just commit that same sin.
Perhaps it was intentional that God did it all along.
That with us bearing His promises in our hearts and keeping in mind of the warnings,
that we are to discern right from wrong.
Discernment, so important yet so lightly taken note of.
When troubles caused by us befalls we tend to be blind to our poor judgment.
We blame God instead.
But perhaps its due to our selfish desires
that causes us to turn away and “forget” a certain commandment.
God wants us to keep His commandments, many a times we fail.

To know what’s in our hearts yet to test if we do keep His commands.

Encouragement. I smile at the word of it.
I’m no longer afraid of this gift.
In fact my life has been made easier by it. And very much happier (:
It’s indeed indispensable. Both in ministry and life.
I’m so happy to encourage (: I’m so happy I have this marvelous gift ^^
It’s just fresh to see joy and new hope strengthen people at the slightest genuine encouragement.
I want to continue to be serving towards others. (Thank you Shreedhee for affirming!).
Perhaps being serving may seem as a weakness to some and “easy to bully”.
But I’m just happy that I’m able to keep this command of serving others and your people.
The command of serving your people will be serving unto you is very real to me.
The more I gave the more I had.
Joy incomparable, I wished I can describe.
To serve without limits is to serve with a pure loving heart. My goal.
I will be serving in another different level (: Watch me.
Be ready to get blessed people.

I’m so happy~ ^^

I really really am God and I do hope I won’t lose it.
Both encouragement and the heart to serve (:
I find it very very precious ^^
I thank you for your sufficient grace.

Oh and an update on my newest gifting! :)

Spiritual gifting: Knowledge, Wisdom, Encouragement, Teaching, Miracles
:’) I think it’s a marvelous combination!
If you want to encourage in the right situation, your grasp on WOG(knowledge) must be strong. Knowledge is just rubbish without wisdom! To be able to encourage through teaching or teach a lesson through encouraging will prove to be valuable. Miracles, need I say much? (: Not to mention the awesome combination of my prophetic office ^^ Gosh, perfect! ♥ Yes God I can’t wait for the on flow of prophesies and visions that you promised (:

Lord I know many a times I get paranoid. I freak out when I do something wrong because I’m afraid it will cause me to forfeit my office. I love how you convey things to me so please promise me that as much as your grace is sufficient, let me serve you with my office and giftings as much as possible. Please don’t let me feel alone anymore God, without you I am nothing. I fully understand the meaning of feeling lost.

Let me love with a fervour that burns within a fragile soul supported by only the love and grace abound. 101010. Let all be washed away. I will exit from the darkness and emerge from the light.

One thing,
I do agree I need to grow in my patience, my fuse is so sort it’s hardly there x.x
And I’ve decided to set boundaries.

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